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What to Bring!

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Below you will find a list of items that are needed to prepare your taxes as well as questions to ask yourself to prepare for your tax appointment. This information will provide for a better tax experience (Please keep in mind that additional documents may be needed based on your particular situation). Additionally, SOLID TAX SOLUTIONS will be able to use this information to search for the optimum tax strategy for your particular current and future situation.

What Items to Bring to Your Tax Appointment:


  • Non-expired government issued Photo Identification (Drivers License, state issued non-drivers identification card, United States passport).
  • Social Security or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) cards for yourself, your spouse (if married), and all dependents that you will be claiming on the tax return (If you are a returning customer you do not have to bring these cards for anyone who was listed on last year's tax return unless there has been a name change). In addition, birthdates will be needed for yourself, your spouse (if married), and all dependents that you will be claiming on the tax return.
  • Bank routing number and checking account number or savings account number if you would like to have your tax refund directly deposited or your tax payment directly debited.


  • If you are a new customer, please bring copies of your tax returns (Federal and State) for the last three years with you. There may be some information from these prior year tax returns that could be helpful in properly preparing this year's tax return.


  • Form W-2 (Wages)
  • Forms 1099:
    1. Interest (1099-INT)
    2. Dividends (1099-DIV)
    3. Miscellaneous income (1099-MISC)
    4. Brokerage statements (1099-B)
  • IRA or pension distributions.
  • Rental real estate income and expenses.
  • Schedule K-1 (Income/Loss from Partnerships, S Corporations, Estates and Trusts).
  • Unemployment compensation.
  • Social security statements (SSA-1099).


  • Educator expenses (Unreimbursed classroom expenses).
  • Health savings accounts.
  • Moving expenses.
  • IRA or other retirement contributions.
  • Student loan interest.
  • Self-employed health insurance.


  • Medical expenses (Include health and long-term care insurance).
  • Medical miles driven.
  • State income taxes paid.
  • Real estate closing statement (HUD-1 Settlement Statement).
  • Real estate taxes paid.
  • Sales tax paid on large items (Cars, boats, etc.).
  • Points and mortgage interest (primary and secondary home).
  • Mortgage insurance premiums .
  • Investment interest paid.
  • Casualty losses (Fair market value before and after loss).
  • Charitable Contributions (cash and non-cash).
  • Un-reimbursed employee expenses.
  • Tax preparation fees, safe deposit and investment expenses.
  • Union or professional dues, uniform expense.


  • Child and dependent care expenses (please also provide the name and address of the care provider and their employer identification number or their social security number).
  • Education expense (Tuition, books and fees).
  • Energy improvements made to your home (Insulation, exterior windows & doors, new heating and cooling systems).


  • A year end balance sheet and income statement for the business.
  • Year end statements for each checking account and the accompanying bank reconciliations, if prepared.
  • Year end statements for all investment accounts
  • All forms 1099 received for interest, dividends, and sales of securities.
  • Year end statement for all loans and financed leases. These include lines of credit, equipment loans, auto loans etc.
  • Form 1098’s received from lenders for interest paid during the year.
  • Originating documents for all new loans and leases acquired during the year.
  • All payroll tax returns filed for the year: These include Federal form 940, Forms 941, State Withholding tax forms and state Unemployment tax forms.
  • Employer’s annual wage reports (W-2’s and wage report transmittal (form W-3).
  • End of the year sales tax reports.
  • For all large assets purchased, please provide a copy of the invoice and/or a list of new assets showing the date acquired, purchase price, and description.
  • Business miles driven for each car and truck.

Questions you should ask yourself to prepare for your tax appointment:

Individuals (Non-business):

  • Did your marital status or address change?
  • Did you have any dependents 19 years of age or older at the end of the year?
  • Did you sell or exchange any stocks, mutual funds or bonds?
  • Did you put money into an IRA?
  • Did you take any IRA or retirement distributions?
  • Did you rollover any retirement accounts?
  • Did you receive any 1099-MISC forms?
  • Did you have income from another state besides New York or the state that you reside?
  • Did you receive any unemployment benefits?
  • Were any credit card balances or debt cancelled?
  • Did you receive any miscellaneous income such as jury duty or gambling winnings?
  • Did you have health insurance or long term care insurance?
  • Did you contribute to a college savings plan (i.e.; a 529 plan)?
  • Did you pay any student loan interest?
  • Did you pay any education expenses for tuition, books or fees?
  • Did you have significant medical expenses?
  • Did you purchase any large dollar items i.e.; car, boat, etc.?
  • Did you pay property taxes for your house or rental property?
  • Did you pay any interest on a mortgage for your house or rental property?
  • Did you refinance your mortgage?
  • Did you pay any mortgage insurance premiums?
  • Did you make any cash or non-cash charitable donations?
  • Did you drive your car for charity work?
  • Did you have any unreimbursed employee expenses?
  • Did you have any dependent care expenses that allowed you to work or attend school?
  • Did you make any energy improvements to your home or buy a new alternative motor vehicle?
  • Do you have any foreign bank accounts?


  • Did you have a home office?
  • Did you start a new business, or purchase rental real estate?
  • Did you have health insurance?
  • Did you provide health insurance to your employees?
  • Did you employ your spouse or dependent?
  • Did you purchase any machinery or make significant improvements to existing machinery or buildings?
  • Did you convert a personal asset to business use?
  • Did you sell any machinery or other assets?
  • Do you have a record of all your income and expenses?
  • Did you make any estimated (Federal or State) tax payments?
  • Did you use a vehicle for your business? If yes, please record in your records the vehicle information below:
    1. Make & Model of the vehicle(s)
    2. The date that your first used your vehicle(s) for the business
    3. Business mileage
    4. Other (non-business) mileage
    5. Total mileage